Friday, January 5, 2007

Woman with a past

Woman with a past!

One day, on my way home from work, I stopped at Barnes & Noble. While I was browsing a book display, a young man approached me and said he needed help. He knew that I was another customer and not an employee but he thought I could help him. He explained that he was researching an object that he had been given, which he described as a small birdcage with a bird in it that played music when wound up. He said that he knew it had been popular in the past and thought I might know what it was called. In his hands he was holding a book titled “Toys” and commented that he didn’t really think that the birdcage was a toy. He was very polite and pleasant and was genuinely perplexed by the object he was trying to identify. After a brief discussion I agreed that he was not describing a toy and suggested that he look under music boxes instead. He was very pleased and said, “Thanks! I knew you could help me!”

I am sure that he thought I could help him because the object he was researching had been “popular in the past.” And I am obviously a woman with a past!

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  1. Much better than when they started giving me the senior discount without my asking!