Thursday, January 7, 2010


(The following blog was written today about an event that occurred yesterday.)

Yesterday I took my friend to lunch and the movies, my Christmas gift to her. We are both at the age when you try to get rid of all the things that clutter your life. So, giving an experience that can be enjoyed by both is the gift of choice! After lunch we browsed in Borders until it was time for the movie. We are both avid readers and can pleasantly pass the time in a bookstore. As is usual I wandered to the back of the bookstore to the “Religion” section. After a few moments my friend joined me. I happened to be standing in front of the Judaic section. My friend caught my attention by remarking, “You should convert.” It startled me! I have been an Episcopalian for 55 years and even considered ordination. A process in which many people supported me, several of whom were priests.

I had begun studying Judaism when my daughter converted 18 years ago before her marriage. I was ignorant of all things Jewish but realized after the initial shock that I would have to learn about it, if I wanted to have a close relationship with her and any grandchildren that might be born. I eventually received a Certificate of Study in Jewish-Christian Relations and have undergone a great transformation in my beliefs. Learning my “family” history has given me
invaluable lessons and has enriched my faith.

I can’t say that I have never thought about conversion. I have. I guess I was startled because it shows! But I have concluded that I am a Christian, by choice. An Episcopalian, by choice. An Episcopalian who loves and respects the Jewish faith. I am active in interfaith groups and I think that it is now time for me to explore the Muslim faith, about which I am totally ignorant.

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