Thursday, July 12, 2007

Deja Vu!

During a frenzy of reorganization and cleaning this week I discovered a poem that I had written 20 years ago!

On Growing Older

I don't know
the woman in the mirror
looking back at me.

She looks familiar
as if I've met her before
but I can't quite place her.

Her hair, once golden red
has faded
and is streaked with gray.

Her figure, once slim and shapely
is of
Raphael-esque proportions.

Her face is etched
with lines growing
deeper every day.

I look at her
This stranger who is me
and I wonder what is to become of her.

I live in her, you see
and my desires and dreams
do not fit the image looking back at me.

What has happened?
I am young but she is not!
Life is just beginning...

I have plans and hopes
and projects to accomplish
and so much I want to do.

When did this happen?
One day I looked in the mirror
and it wasn't me.

Now, how do I learn to live
with the woman in the mirror
looking back at me?


  1. Sigh I am now looking at that woman in the mirror. I am wondering who do I want that woman to be? Can I become still the woman I want to be? Who is she anyway?

  2. I too identified with this poem. thanks for posting it.
    I love this blog. And wished there were more entries.
    My thanks to those who have encouraged you to write.
    How about a website sponsored by a company, like Dove?


  3. Welcome back, Sarah!
    Of course you must write about any topic you want to. It's your blog!
    Some of our best writing comes from the energy of frustration, so don't hold back.
    You can always delete it later.
    I think we (older) women smother our anger because it isn't "nice."
    Have you read Tillie Olsen's "Silences"?
    Great Who Am I poem.
    MUCH love,

  4. Sarah,
    Surely this must be a temporary condition and we'll go back to slender youthfulness very soon.
    Who knew that all those senior citizens staggering around stooped and crippled used to be muscled and running up and down stairs in a flash. I want to hear your hopes and dreams.